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Annual Reports

Cambridge Public Health Department Annual Report, 2017 (PDF) | Cover Letter (PDF)

Cambridge Public Health Department Annual Report, 2016 (Interactive PDF) | Cover Letter (PDF)

Cambridge Public Health Department Annual Report, 2015 (Interactive PDF) | Cover Letter (PDF)

Cambridge Public Health Department Annual Report, 2014 (Interactive PDF)

Governance, Responsibilities & Budget, Cambridge Public Health Department, 2015 (PDF) | 2014 (PDF)

Public Health Activities of Cambridge Health Alliance,  2013 (PDF)

Cambridge Public Health Bulletins

Roadmap to a Healthy Cambridge
Cambridge Public Health Bulletin, November 2013 (PDF)

How Healthy Are We?
Cambridge Public Health Bulletin, January 2011 (PDF)



What Makes a Healthy City?
Cambridge Public Health Bulletin, January 2009



Cambridge Public Health Assessments

Community Health Improvement Plan

Bed Bugs

Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely:
 A Guide for Cambridge Property Owners, Managers and Tenants, 2013 (PDF)



The Cambridge Model: How public oversight of biotech is good for everyone — even business, 2003 (PDF)

Domestic Violence Prevention

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: A Policy Guide for Employers, 2013 (PDF) 

How to Respond to Employees Facing Domestic Violence: A Workplace Handbook for Managers, Supervisors, and Co-Workers, 2009 (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness

Decontamination Communicator, 2011 (PDF) 

The Decon Communicator is an 8 ½" x 14" laminated card that facilitates communication between responders and victims. 

Principles of Operation: Massachusetts Emergency Preparedness Region 4b, 2008 (PDF) 

Emergency Preparedness Begins at Home. A brochure for Cambridge families, 2006 (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness Begins at Home. Information for Cambridge Health Alliance employees, 2007 (PDF)

Preparedness Partnerships: The Multidisciplinary Approach to Emergency and Disaster Training, 2006 (PDF)

Health Data

Cambridge Health Indicators: Broad Measures of Health for Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the United States: 2015 (PDF)  | 2013 (PDF) 

Cambridge Teen Health Survey:

2016 Executive Summary (PDF) 
2014 Executive Summary (PDF)
2012 Executive Summary (PDF)  
2010 Executive Summary (PDF)

Cambridge Middle Grades Health Survey:

2017 Executive Summary (PDF) 
2015 Executive Summary (PDF) 
2013 Executive Summary (PDF)  
2011 Executive Summary (PDF)  
2009 Executive Summary (PDF)

Communicable Disease Case Counts:

2012-2016 (PDF) 
2011-2015 (PDF) 
2010-2014 (PDF) 
2009-2013 (PDF) 
2008-2012 (PDF) 
2007-2011 (PDF) 
2006-2010 (PDF) 

Communicable Disease Surveillance Report, 2012 (PDF)

A Profile of Health Among Cambridge Adults, 2008 (PDF)

Health Data Report, 2006 (PDF)

Healthy Weight & Physical Activity

Cambridge in Motion: A Guide to Health, Fitness, and Fun for Cambridge Kids, 2015 (PDF) 

Cambridge Youth Weight Surveillance:

2014-2015 (PDF) 
2013-2014 (PDF) 
2012-2013 (PDF)  
2011-2012 (PDF)  
2010-2011 (PDF)  
2009-2010 (PDF)

Food Resource Guide, 2017 (PDF)  | B&W version (PDF) 

A Recommendation To Establish a Standing Cambridge Food & Fitness Policy Council: A Report to the Cambridge City Manager, 2011 (PDF) 


HIV/AIDS in Cambridge: A Report, 2005 (PDF)

Men's Health

Men's Health: A Report on Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Health Disparities in Cambridge, 2008 (PDF)

Men's Health League Program Manual, 2010 (PDF)


Recommendations for a Municipal Health & Safety Policy for Nanomaterials, 2008 (PDF)

Public Toilets

2013 Public Toilets Survey: Cambridge Residents, Workers & Visitors, Summary Report, 2014 (PDF)

School Health

School Absenteeism & Influenza-Like Illness Surveillance Report, 2009-2010 (PDF)

Snack Check! Healthy Snacks Your Child Can Bring to School, 2008
English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Portuguese (PDF)| Haitian Kreyol (PDF)

Teen Health


Cambridge Surveillance Report on Active Tuberculosis, 2006-2010 (PDF)

Trans Fat

Surveillance Report on Trans Fat Regulation and Compliance: Findings of the Inspectional Services Department, 2011 (PDF)

Eliminating Artificial Trans Fat from Cambridge Food Service Establishments, 2008 (PDF)

Women's Health & Well-Being

A Report on the Status of Women and Girls in Cambridge, 2008 (PDF)