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Navigated Care

Navigated Care is a program of the Men’s Health League designed to help men access the health care system and receive the most complete care possible through their provider.

Who can receive Navigated Care?

Any man with a connection to Cambridge, through his home, work, or doctor may apply to the program. Navigated Care is especially suited for men who are not currently seeing a primary care physician; do not have health insurance; or have health issues which require regular follow-up care.

How does Navigated Care work?

A potential participant must complete a brief application form. He is contacted by a Health Care Navigator, based at the Cambridge Public Health Department, to review his needs. The Health Care Navigator helps the participant make needed appointments and complete health and insurance paperwork. He follows up on each visit and provides added support as needed to ensure that the participant is on track for the next step of his health care.

How can someone sign up for Navigated Care?

A potential participant can call the Health Care Navigator directly to apply for the program at (617) 665-3677. He can also ask his doctor about the program. No referral is needed.

Do participants need health insurance to join the program?

No. In fact, if a man without insurance is interested in the program, the Health Care Navigator will help him enroll in a program that is right for him.



For more information about the Navigated Care program, please contact:

Albert W. Pless, Jr.