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Let's Move! Child Care

Are you a child care provider? Join the thousands of early education and child care providers who have already committed to Let’s Move! Child Care.

Early education and child care providers in centers and family-homes across the nation have joined Let’s Move! Child Care, the First Lady’s effort to promote children’s health by encouraging and supporting healthier physical activity and nutrition practices through the 5 goals listed below. With over 25% of 2- to 5-year-old children already overweight or obese in the United States, the early education and child care communities are essential allies in the effort to solve the childhood obesity problem, support children’s healthy development, and prevent later chronic disease.

Let’s Move! Child Care Goals 

  1.  Physical Activity: Provide 1-2 hours of physical activity throughout the day, including outside play when possible.
  2. Screen Time: No screen time for children under 2 years. For children age 2 and older, strive to limit screen time to no more than 30 minutes per week during child care, and work with parents and caregivers to ensure that children have no more than 1-2 hours of quality screen time per day (as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics).
  3. Food: Serve fruits or vegetables at every meal, eat meals family-style whenever possible, and don't serve fried foods.
  4. Beverages: Provide access to water during meals and throughout the day, and don't serve sugar-sweetened drinks. For children age 2 and older, serve low-fat (1%) or non-fat milk, and provide no more than one 4- to 6-ounce serving of 100% juice per day.
  5. Infant Feeding: For mothers who want to continue breastfeeding, provide their expressed milk to their infants and welcome them to breastfeed during the child care day.

Getting Started with Let’s Move! Child Care Is Simple

Follow these easy steps today to support healthy choices for the children you serve in your home or center. Signing up and participating is free.

STEP 1:  Sign Up and Receive a Participation Certificate. Sign up with your e-mail address. You’ll use it later to take a checklist quiz and to receive information and updates. After you sign up, download your Let’s Move! Child Care Participant Certificate to display in your center or home.

STEP 2:  Take the Let’s Move! Child Care Checklist Quiz. Use the e-mail address you signed up with to access our simple online checklist quiz. Answer the questions to see which Let’s Move! Child Care goals you are meeting already and which goals you need to work toward.

STEP 3:  Build Your Action Plan. Create an Action Plan exclusively for your center or home to help you reach the Let’s Move! Child Care goals.

STEP 4:  Access Free Resources and Ideas. Find a variety of helpful, free resources and ideas to help you implement your Action Plan and meet the Let’s Move! Child Care goals.

STEP 5:  Earn Your Let’s Move! Child Care Recognition Award. Once you’ve achieved the Let’s Move! Child Care goals, retake the online checklist quiz to receive your Recognition Award.

STEP 6: Celebrate Your Success! Share your story and tips for success with others by using the Success Story Submission Form available at: www.healthykidshealthyfuture.org/resources/testimonials.html.
Need help? Just send an email to LMCCHelp@cdc.gov.
Posted on July 14, 2016


For more information, call Josefine Wendel at 617-665-3765 or email jwendel@challiance.org.